Demo of Using Javascript to Build HTML Pagination

Demo of using javascript to build pagination

Use Javascript to Build a HTML Pagination

Build HTML pagination by using javascript.

Syntax Highlightning for Textarea (HTML)

Using textarea (HTML) as code editor with syntax highlighting support.

Using CKEditor 5 (with Code Block) + Highlight.js (output) in ASP.NET

Using CKEditor 5 + Highlight.js in ASP.NET. CKEditor is a HTML editor. Highlight.js is a syntax highlighting tool.

JavaScript Fetch API as Replacement for AJAX

The Fetch API is a modern interface that allows making HTTP requests to servers from web browsers. It has been largely replacing AJAX.

Intermediate CSS Tips & Tutorial

Tips more on CSS

Basic HTML Tutorial for Beginner

Introducing a few basic HTML tutorial video

Bob Tabor – Beginner’s Guide to JavaScript

HTML Table – Freeze Row and Column with CSS

Having a freeze pane effect on HTML Table. Freeze/Fixed/Frozen the Columns and Rows in HTML Table by using CSS. This work was inspired by an...

HTML Table Cell Styling for Excel by using “mso-number-format”

HTML CSS table cell styling for manipulating the data format in Excel.

Prevent Enter Keypress on HTML Input

Prevent [Enter] keypress for accidentally submitting the form.