Manually Install MySQL On Windows Without Using MySQL Installer

A simple walkthrough of manually installing MySQL on Windows.

MySqlExpress – Convert Rows from MySQL into C# Class Objects

An introduction of how to convert rows from MySQL into C# class object.

MySqlExpress – To Encourage Rapid Application Development with MySQL in C#

An Easier Way to Use MySQL in C#. Save efforts and time for C# coding with MySQL.

MySqlExpress – Simplifies The Usage of MySQL in C#/.NET

Accelerate the Development With MySQL in C#. MySqlExpress aims to encourage rapid application development and simplified the implementation of MySQL in C#.

[C#] Easily Convert All MySQL Databases & Tables to utf8mb4

A C# console program that will convert default character set of all database and tables to utf8mb4 and collation of utf8mb4_general_ci.

Backup & Restore MySQL database on CentOS/Linux/Ubuntu in C# with MySqlBackup.NET

The idea is to build a project in .NET Core and publish it as Linux package. MySqlBackup.NET is an open source .NET Library (C#/VB.NET) to...

How To Install MySQL on CentOS 8

This tutorial explains how to install MySQL version 8 on a CentOS 8 server. The origin of this tutorial/article was written by Mark Drake from...

MySqlDump vs MySqlBackup.NET Performance Benchmark

MySqlDump and MySqlBackup.NET are both used to backup/restore MySQL database. Both can be used in C# (.NET) projects. This is a study specially made...

Set UTF8 as Default Character Set for MySQL 8.0

From MySQL 8.0, utf8mb4 is the default character set, and the default collation for utf8mb4 is utf8mb4_0900_ai_ci.

Authentication method ‘caching_sha2_password’ not supported by any of the available plugins

Fixing password error between old & new version of MySQL server.

Simple ASP.NET C# WebForms Project with MySQL – Introduction for Beginner Source Code - Github:

Backup MySQL Database in C# – MySqlBackup.NET

Easily backup MySQL database in C#. An alternative for MySqlDump.