Basic HTML Tutorial for Beginner

Introducing a few basic HTML tutorial video

First thing first, here is a highly recommended specialized text editor for coding HTML: Visual Studio Code

Download Visual Studio Code:

Article Tutorial

Video Tutorial

Part 1:
HTML Tutorial – How to Make a Super Simple Website

Part 2:
HTML Tutorial for Beginners: HTML Crash Course

Part 3:
HTML Full Course – Build a Website Tutorial

Learn HTML & CSS – Full Course for Beginners (by Per Harald Borgen)

Article Tutorial

HTML Article Tutorial:

Using Emmet in Visual Studio Code for HTML

Write code faster in VS Code with Emmet shortcuts

HTML in ASP.NET WebForms (Visual Studio)

*Note: Visual Studio Code is totally different than Visual Studio.

Install Visual Studio Community 2022 for ASP.NET WebForms (Sep 2022 Update)

Coding HTML with Visual Studio 2022 (ASP.NET WebForms – .NET Framework)

Using the function of Emmet in Visual Studio 2022