Manually Install MySQL On Windows Without Using MySQL Installer

A simple walkthrough of manually installing MySQL on Windows.

MySqlExpress – Convert Rows from MySQL into C# Class Objects

An introduction of how to convert rows from MySQL into C# class object.

MySqlExpress – To Encourage Rapid Application Development with MySQL in C#

An Easier Way to Use MySQL in C#. Save efforts and time for C# coding with MySQL.

MySqlExpress – Simplifies The Usage of MySQL in C#/.NET

Accelerate the Development With MySQL in C#. MySqlExpress aims to encourage rapid application development and simplified the implementation of MySQL in C#.

[C#] Easily Convert All MySQL Databases & Tables to utf8mb4

A C# console program that will convert default character set of all database and tables to utf8mb4 and collation of utf8mb4_general_ci.

Backup MySQL Database in C# – MySqlBackup.NET

Easily backup MySQL database in C#. An alternative for MySqlDump.
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Using Google OAuth 2.0 as User Sign-In for ASP.NET in C# – A Basic Overview

Integrate Google OAuth 2.0 with ASP.NET in C# for seamless user authentication.
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