Frequently Used Shortcut Key for Visual Studio Code Editing

Ctrl + M + 0

Collapse all methods

Ctrl + M + P

Expand all methods

Ctrl + K + D

Re-align all code/lines

Highlight lines then [Tab]

Increment indent of lines

Highlight lines then [Shift] + [Tab]

Decrease indent of lines

Put the cursor on a line
or highlight lines
then [Shift] + [Del]

Delete entire line at once

Put the cursor on a variable or method, then [F12]

Look for the location of declaration or definition of a variable (or a method)

Put the cursor on a line, then [F9]

This is to put a breakpoint. Set your program into debug mode, then, when you run your program, the program execution will stop there.

Full List of Shortcut Keys of Visual Studio

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