[C#] Easily Zip/Unzip Files & Folders

A simple C# to perform zip and unzip of files and folders.

List of C# Video Tutorials

A list of C# Video Tutorials

Trying To Over-Engineer A Simple C# Program for an Interview Task with AI

Trying to over-engineered a simple C# program with AI (ChatGPT)

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Writing a Simple C# Files Backup Solution for File Server

An insight of doing files backup solution in C#

How to Sort a List (C#)

Tips on sorting a list of objects.

AES Encrypted Data Transmission Between Arduino (ESP32) and C# (ASP.NET)

Encrypt in Arduino C++ and decrypt in C#, using AES.

Using hCaptcha in ASP.NET Web Forms

A tool to prevent spam bot

Simple C# Debug Technique in Visual Studio

A quick and simple demonstration of performing debugging in Visual Studio C#

Frequently Used Shortcut Key for Visual Studio Code Editing

List of commonly used shortcut keys while coding of C# and ASP.NET with Visual Studio

C# Dictionary – A Quick & Simple Explanation for Beginners

A simple tutorial of C# Dictionary. Basic functionality explained.

C# List in ASP.NET – Tutorial for Beginners

An introduction and explanaining the usage of C# List in details. Demo with ASP.NET WebForms.

Part 2: GridView VS dynamic HTML Table (ASP.NET WebForms)

Build HTML table dynamically with Javascript (AJAX). Use Javascript (AJAX) to build HTML table dynamically at client side.

Bob Tabor – C# Fundamentals for Beginners .

Visual Studio 2022 is Here

Welcome VS 2022. We're happy to have you here. Great work guys. Let's start the engine. Download Visual Studio 2022: Launch Event News: Official Launch Video: Youtube Launch...

C# AES 256 bits Encryption Library with Salt

A simple implementation of AES 256 bits Encryption in C#

Convert DataTable to List – C#

Let's say we have a DataTable with the following columns:

Bro Code – C# Full Course for free

C# Programming All-in-One Tutorial Series (6 HOURS!)

everything you need to know to get started as a C# Programming

C# Tutorial For Beginners – Programming with Mosh

C# tutorial for beginners: Get up & running with C# and code in just 1 hour! No prior knowledge needed. by Mosh Hamedani.

Simple ASP.NET C# WebForms Project with MySQL – Introduction for Beginner Source Code - Github:

C# Tutorial – Full Course for Beginners

This course will give you a full introduction into all of the core concepts in C# (aka C Sharp). Follow along with the course and you'll be a C# programmer in no time!