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Arduino AES Encryption (128 bits CBC)

A quick and simple implementation of AES Encryption in Arduino

AES Encrypted Data Transmission Between Arduino (ESP32) and C# (ASP.NET)

Encrypt in Arduino C++ and decrypt in C#, using AES.

Syntax Highlightning for Textarea (HTML)

Using textarea (HTML) as code editor with syntax highlighting support.

Build a Simple Android Web App in WebView with Support of Download/Upload Feature

Convert Website Into Android Web App in WebView With Support of Upload/Downlaod

Using hCaptcha in ASP.NET Web Forms

A tool to prevent spam bot

Using CKEditor 5 (with Code Block) + Highlight.js (output) in ASP.NET

Using CKEditor 5 + Highlight.js in ASP.NET. CKEditor is a HTML editor. Highlight.js is a syntax highlighting tool.

MySqlExpress – Convert Rows from MySQL into C# Class Objects

An introduction of how to convert rows from MySQL into C# class object.